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314 - Pope Miltiades ends his reign as the Catholic Pope.

532 - Nika riots in Constantinople.

1158 - Vladislav II becomes King of Bohemia.

1569 - First recorded lottery in England.

1571 - Austrian nobility is granted freedom of religion.

1693 - Mt. Etna erupts in Sicily, Italy.

1759 - In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the first American life insurance company is incorporated.

1787 - William Herschel discovers Titania and Oberon, two moons of Uranus.

1794 - Robert Forsythe, a US Marshal was killed in Augusta, Georgia when trying to serve court papers, the first US Marshal to die in action.

1805 - Michigan Territory is created.

1861 - Alabama secedes from the United States.

1863 - American Civil War: Battle of Arkansas Post - General John McClernand and Admiral David Dixon Porter capture the Arkansas River for the Union.

1867 - Benito Juárez becomes Mexican president again.


1879 - Anglo-Zulu War begins.

1880 - Total solar eclipse blackens the sky of San Francisco one day after the funeral of Emperor Norton.

1902 - Popular Mechanics magazine was published for the first time.

1908 - Grand Canyon National Monument is created.

1912 - Bread and Roses Strike begins in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

1919 - Romania annexes Transylvania.

1922 - First use of insulin to treat diabetes in a human patient.

1923 - Troops from France and Belgium occupy the Ruhr area to force Germany to pay its reparation payments.

1935 - Amelia Earhart is the first woman to fly solo from Hawaii to California.

1938 - Frances Moulton is the first woman to become president of a U.S. national bank.

1942 - Japan declares war on the Netherlands and invades the Netherlands East Indies.

1942 - The Japanese capture Kuala Lumpur.

1943 - The United States and United Kingdom give up territorial rights in China.


1946 - Enver Hoxha declares the People's Republic of Albania with himself as dictator.

1946 - Porfirio Barba-Jacob's ashes go back to Colombia.

1949 - First recorded case of snowfall in Los Angeles, California.

1957 - The African Convention is founded in Dakar.

1960 - Chad declares its independence.

1962 - Eruption of the Huascaran volcano in Peru; 4,000 deaths.

1963 - The Whisky a Go Go night club in Los Angeles, the first disco in the USA, is opened.

1964 - United States Surgeon General Luther Leonidas Terry reports smoking may be hazardous to health. First such statement from U.S. government.

1972 - East Pakistan becomes Bangladesh.

1973 - Beginning of the Watergate burglars trial.

1974 - The world's first surviving set of sextuplets are born to Susan Rosenkowitz in Cape Town, South Africa.

1980 - Nigel Short, 14, is the youngest chess player to be awarded the degree of International Master.

1982 - A cold snap sends temperatures to record lows in dozens of cities throughout the Midwestern United States.

1986 - The Gateway Bridge, Brisbane in Queensland Australia was officially opened.

1990 - 300,000 march in favor of Lithuanian independence.

1992 - Paul Simon is the first major artist to tour South Africa after the end of the cultural boycott.

1993 - World Wrestling Federation (WWF) liath RAW.

1994 - Irish Government announces the end of a 15-year broadcasting ban on the IRA and its political arm Sinn Fein

1995 - The WB Television Network begins operations.

1996 - Haiti becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.

1998 - Sidi-Hamed massacre in Algeria; over 100 people killed.

2001 - The Federal Trade Commission approved the merger of AOL and Time Warner to form AOL Time Warner.

2003 - Illinois governor George H. Ryan announces decision to grant clemency to all inmates of death row.

2005 - Black Tuesday bushfires swept across the southern Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.


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