What happened on October 12 ?

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St. Wilfrid

St. Edwin

St. Amicus

St. Salvinus

St. Seraphinus

Bl. Camillus Constanzi

St. Domnina

St. Edistius

St. Fiace

St. Felix and Cyprian

St. Heribert

St. Maximilian of Lorch

St. Monas


St. Pantalus

Roman festivals - Fortuna Redux, last day of the Ludi Augustales

RC Saints - Our Lady of the Pillar (Zaragoza, Spain); Saint Wilfrid

Also see October 12 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

Equatorial Guinea - Independence Day (from Spain, 1968)

Malawi - Mother's Day

Spain - Hispanic Day, National Day

Columbus Day (traditionally) - United States.

El Dia de la Raza - Latin America.

French Republican Calendar - Chanvre (Hemp) Day, twenty-first day in the Month of Vendémiaire



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