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1419 - Hundred Years' War: Rouen surrenders to Henry V of England which completed his conquest of Normandy.

1520 - Sten Sture the Younger, the Regent of Sweden, was mortally wounded at the Battle of Bogesund.

1764 - John Wilkes is expelled from the British House of Commons for seditious libel.

1795 - Batavian Republic is proclaimed in the Netherlands. End of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands.

1806 - The United Kingdom occupies the Cape of Good Hope.

1817 - An army of 5,423 soldiers, led by General José de San Martín, crossed the Andes from Argentina to liberate Chile and then Peru.

1829 - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust Part 1 premieres.

1839 - British East India Company captures Aden.

1840 - Captain Charles Wilkes circumnavigates Antarctica, claiming what became known as Wilkes Land for the United States.

1853 - Giuseppe Verdi's opera Il Trovatore premieres in Rome.

1862 - The Confederacy suffers its first significant defeat in the American Civil War at the Battle of Mill Springs.

1883 - The first electric lighting system employing overhead wires, built by Thomas Edison, begins service at Roselle, New Jersey.

1893 - Henrik Ibsen's play The Master Builder premieres in Berlin.


1899 - Anglo-Egyptian Sudan is formed.

1903 - First transatlantic radio broadcast between United States and England.

1915 - George Claude patents the neon discharge tube for use in advertising.

1915 - German zeppelins bomb the cities of Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn in the United Kingdom killing more than 20, in the first major aerial bombardment of a civilian target.

1918 - Finnish Civil War: The first serious battles between the Red Guards and the White Guard.

1920 - The United States Senate votes against joining the League of Nations.

1935 - Coopers Inc. sold the world's first briefs.

1937 - Howard Hughes sets a new air record by flying from Los Angeles to New York City in 7 hours, 28 minutes, 25 seconds.

1941 - World War II: British troops attack Italian-held Eritrea.

1942 - World War II: Japanese forces invade Burma.

1945 - World War II: Soviet forces liberate ghetto of ?ód?. Out of 230,000 inhabitants in 1940, less than 900 had survived Nazi occupation.

1946 - General Douglas MacArthur establishes the International Military Tribunal for the Far East in Tokyo to try Japanese war criminals.

1949 - Cuba recognises Israel.


1953 - 68% of all United States television sets were tuned in to I Love Lucy to watch Lucy give birth.

1966 - Indira Gandhi is elected Prime Minister of India.

1969 - Student Jan Palach died after setting himself on fire 3 days ago in Prague's Wenceslas Square to protest the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union in 1968. His funeral turned into another major protest.

1971 - Revival of No, No, Nanette premieres at 46th Street Theatre, New York City.

1974 - The UCLA men's basketball team sees its 88-game winning streak end at the hands of Notre Dame.

1975 - Triple J begins broadcasting in Sydney, Australia.

1977 - President Gerald Ford pardons Iva Toguri D'Aquino (a.k.a. "Tokyo Rose").

1977 - Snow falls in Miami, Florida. This is the only time in the history of the city that snowfall has occurred.

1978 - The last Volkswagen Beetle made in Germany leaves VW's plant in Emden. Beetle production in Latin America will continue until 2003.

1981 - Iran Hostage Crisis: United States and Iranian officials sign an agreement to release 52 American hostages after 14 months of captivity.

1983 - Klaus Barbie, Nazi war criminal, is arrested in Bolivia.

1983 - The Apple Lisa, the first commercial personal computer from Apple Computer, Inc. to have a graphical user interface and a computer mouse, is announced.

1993 - IBM announces a $4.97 billion loss for 1992, the largest single-year corporate loss in United States history.

1994 - Record cold temperatures across the eastern half of the United States brings temperatures below -20°F in many locations, such as Ohio and Kentucky.

1997 - Yasser Arafat returns to Hebron after more than 30 years and joins celebrations over the handover of the last Israeli-controlled West Bank city.

2000 - Fire at Seton Hall University kills three students and injures 54.

2002 - Michael Jordan, formerly of the Washington Wizards, plays his first game in Chicago since rejoining the NBA.

2006 - The New Horizons probe was launched by NASA on the first mission to Pluto.

2006 - Opening of the Canadian Undergraduate Software Engineering Conference 2006 in Montreal, Quebec.

2006 - Jet Airways announces its purchase of Air Sahara, creating the largest domestic airliner in India.


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