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1066 - Harold Godwinson crowned King of England.

1205 - Philip of Swabia becomes King of the Romans.

1494 - First Mass celebrated in the New World at La Isabela, Hispaniola.

1540 - King Henry VIII of England marries Anne of Cleves.

1579 - The Union of Atrecht was signed.

1661 - The fifth monarchy men unsuccessfully attempt to seize control of London.

1690 - Joseph, son of Emperor Leopold I becomes King of the Romans.

1720 - The Committee of Inquiry on the South Sea Bubble publishes its findings.

1838 - Samuel Morse first successfully tested the electrical telegraph.

1853 - American President-Elect Franklin Pierce, wife Jane, and son Ben are involved in a train wreck near Andover, Massachusetts. Franklin and Jane survive but eleven-year-old Ben is killed.

1887 - `Abd-allah II of Harar opens the Battle of Chelenqo with an attack on the camp of the Shewan army of Negus Menelik II early in the morning; prepared for the assault, the Negus orders a counter-attack which routs the enemy, resulting with the capture of Harar a few days later.

1893 - Washington National Cathedral is chartered by Congress. The charter is signed by President Benjamin Harrison.

1870 - The inauguration of the Musikverein (Vienna).


1900 - It is reported that millions are starving in India.

1900 - Boers attack Ladysmith, South Africa - over 1,000 people killed

1907 - Maria Montessori opens her first school and daycare center for working class children in Rome.

1912 - New Mexico is admitted as the 47th U.S. state.

1929 - King Alexander of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes suspends his country's constitution (the so-called January 6th Dictatorship, ?estojanuarska diktatura.)

1930 - The first diesel-engine automobile trip is completed (Indianapolis, Indiana, to New York City).

1931 - Thomas Edison submits his last patent application.

1936 - Supreme Court of the United States rules the 1933 Agricultural Adjustment Act unconstitutional in the case United States v. Butler et al..

1936 - Porky Pig premieres.

1940 - Mass execution of Poles, committed by Germans in the city of Pozna?, Warthegau.

1941 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivers his Four Freedoms Speech in the State of the Union Address.

1942 - Pan American Airlines becomes the first commercial airline to have a flight go around the world.

1950 - The United Kingdom recognizes the People's Republic of China. The Republic of China severs diplomatic relations with Britain in response.


1961 - A fire at the Thomas Hotel in San Francisco kills 20 people.

1967 - United States Marine Corps and ARVN troops launch "Operation Deckhouse Five" in the Mekong River delta.

1974 - In response to the energy crisis, daylight saving time commences nearly four months early in the United States.

1977 - The music publisher EMI ends its contract with the notorious punk rock group Sex Pistols after reports of abusive behaviour at Heathrow Airport, London.

1978 - The Crown of St. Stephen (also known as the Holy Crown of Hungary) is returned to Hungary from the United States, where it was held after the Second World War.

1994 - Nancy Kerrigan is clubbed on the right leg by an assailant under orders from figure skating rival Tonya Harding.

1995 - A chemical fire in an apartment complex in Manila, Philippines, leads to the discovery of plans for Project Bojinka, a mass-terrorist attack.

2005 - Mississippi Civil Rights Workers Murders: Edgar Ray Killen is arrested as a suspect for the 1964 murders of three Civil Rights workers.

2005 - First World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace begins in Brussels, Belgium

2006 - Tropical Storm Zeta (2005) finally dissipates after breaking many records.


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