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506 - The bishops of Visigothic Gaul meet in the Council of Agde.

1419 - John of Burgundy is assassinated by adherents of the Dauphin, the future Charles VII of France.

1608 - John Smith is elected council president of Jamestown, Virginia.

1776 - American Revolutionary War: Nathan Hale volunteers to spy.

1798 - At the Battle of St. George's Caye, British Honduras defeats Spain.

1813 - The U.S. defeats the British Fleet at the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.

1823 - Simón Bolívar is named President of Peru.

1846 - Elias Howe gets a patent for the sewing machine.

1858 - George Mary Searle discovers the asteroid 55 Pandora.

1897 - In the Lattimer Massacre, a sheriff's posse kills more than nineteen unarmed immigrant miners in Pennsylvania, United States.

1898 - Empress Elizabeth of Austria is assassinated by Luigi Lucheni.

1913 - The first paved coast-to-coast U.S. highway opens.

1919 - Austria and the Allies sign the Treaty of Saint-Germain recognizing the independence of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.


1927 - France had its first Davis Cup win, though it had competed since 1905.

1932 - The New York City Subway's third competing subway system, the municipally-owned "IND", is opened.

1939 - The submarine HMS Oxley is sunk by mistake by the submarine HMS Triton off the coast of Norway and becomes the Royal Navy's first loss in the Second World War.

1939 - Canada declares war on Nazi Germany.

1942 - The Allies carry out an amphibious landing at Majunga, north-west Madagascar, to re-launch Allied offensive operations in the Madagascar Campaign.

1943 - German forces began their occupation of Rome during World War II.

1945 - Vidkun Quisling sentenced to death for collaboration with Nazi Germany.

1951 - United Kingdom began an economic boycott of Iran.

1960 - Mickey Mantle hits what is thought to be the Major League baseball's longest home run, sending the ball an estimated 643 feet.

1961 - At the Formula One Italian Grand Prix in Monza, a horrific crash at the 2nd lap of the race causes the death of German driver Wolfgang Von Trips and 13 spectators hit by his Ferrari.

1963 - 20 African-American students enter public schools in the U.S. state of Alabama.

1967 - The people of Gibraltar vote to remain a British dependency rather than becoming part of Spain.

1972 - The United States loses its first international basketball game in a disputed match versus the Soviet Union at Munich, Germany.


1974 - Guinea-Bissau gains independence from Portugal.

1976 - A British Airways Trident and an Inex-Adria DC-9 collide near Zagreb, Yugoslavia, killing 176.

1977 - Last execution by Guillotine in France. Hamida Djandoubi, convicted for torture and murder, was executed at Baumettes Prison in Marseille.

1978 - At the Formula One Italian Grand Prix in Monza, just after the start a terrible crash involves many cars. Italian driver Vittorio Brambilla is severely injured by a roaming wheels, but will recover some days later; Swedish driver Ronnie Peterson seems injured less severely, but sadly he will die the day later in a Milan hospital owing to fat embolism after the operation.

1990 - The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire ? the largest church in Africa and perhaps the world ? is consecrated by Pope John Paul II.

1993 - The X-Files premieres on FOX

1996 - Austrian inventor and automotive pioneer Hans List, founder of AVL List, dies

2001 - Norwegian parliamentary election, 2001

2002 - Switzerland, known for its neutrality, finally joins the United Nations.

2002 - The U.S. Homeland Security Advisory System is set to Orange, or High Condition, for the first time.

2003 - Anna Lindh, the foreign minister of Sweden, is stabbed fatally while shopping, and dies of her wounds on September 11.


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