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509 BC - The temple of Jupiter on Rome's Capitoline Hill is dedicated on the ides of September.

122 - The building of Hadrian's Wall begins.

533 - Belisarius and the Roman Empire defeat Gelimer and the Vandals at the Battle of Ad Decimium near Carthage, North Africa.

604 - Pope Sabinian is consecrated.

1440 - Gilles de Rais is taken into custody upon an accusation brought against him by the Bishop of Nantes.

1503 - Michelangelo begins work on his David.

1609 - Henry Hudson reaches the river that will later be named after him - the Hudson River.

1743 - Great Britain, Austria and Savoy-Sardinia sign the Treaty of Worms (1743).

1759 - Battle of the Plains of Abraham: British defeat French near Quebec City in the Seven Years' War, known in the United States as the French and Indian War

1788 - The United States Constitutional Convention sets the date for the country's first presidential election, and New York City becomes the temporary capital of the U.S.

1791 - King Louis XVI of France accepts the new constitution

1813 - The British fail to capture Baltimore, Maryland. Turning point in the War of 1812.

1847 - Mexican-American War: Six teenage military cadets known as Niños Héroes die defending Chapultepec Castle in the Battle of Chapultepec. American General Winfield Scott captures Mexico City in the Mexican-American War.


1862 - Union soldiers find Robert E. Lee's battle plans in a field outside Frederick, Maryland.

1898 - Hannibal Williston Goodwin patents celluloid photographic film

1899 - Henry Bliss is the first person in the United States to be killed in an automobile accident.

1900 - Filipino resistance fighters defeat a larger American column in the Battle of Pulang Lupa, during the Philippine-American War.

1906 - First airplane flight in Europe

1914 - During World War I, South African troops open hostilities in German SW Africa (Namibia) with an assault on the Ramansdrift police station.

1922 - The temperature (in the shade) at Al 'Aziziyah, Libya reaches a world record 136.4 °F (58 °C).

1923 - Military coup in Spain - Miguel Primo de Rivera takes over, setting up a dictatorship.

1935 - Rockslide near Whirlpool Rapids Bridge ends the Great Gorge and International Railway.

1939 - Canada enters World War II.

1940 - German bombs damage Buckingham Palace.

1940 - Italy invades Egypt.

1943 - Chiang Kai-shek elected president of the Republic of China.


1948 - Margaret Chase Smith is elected senator, and becomes the first woman to serve in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

1953 - Nikita Khrushchev appointed secretary-general of the Soviet Union.

1956 - The dyke around the Dutch polder East Flevoland is closed.

1965 - Baseball: Willie Mays becomes the fifth member of the 500 home run club with a home run at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas.

1968 - Albania leaves the Warsaw Pact.

1971 - State police and National Guardsmen storm New York's Attica Prison to end a prison revolt. 42 people die in the assault.

1979 - South Africa grants independence to the "homeland" of Venda (not recognized outside South Africa).

1987 - Goiânia accident: A radioactive object is stolen from an abandoned hospital in Goiânia, Brazil, contaminating many people in the following weeks and leading some to die from radiation poisoning.

1988 - Hurricane Gilbert is the strongest recorded hurricane in the Western Hemisphere (based on barometric pressure).

1989 - Largest anti-Apartheid march in South Africa, led by Desmond Tutu.

1993 - Public unveiling of the Oslo Accords, an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement initiated by Norway.

1994 - Ulysses probe passes the Sun's south pole.

1999 - Bomb explodes in Moscow, Russia. At least 119 people are killed.

2001 - Civilian airplane traffic in the U.S., which had been grounded following the September 11, 2001 attacks, is allowed to resume.

2002 - One Hour Photo by Mark Romanek is released.

2005 - Macromedia Flash Professional 8 is released.


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