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1122 - Concordat of Worms

1459 - Battle of Blore Heath, the first major battle of the English Wars of the Roses, is fought at Blore Heath in Staffordshire.

1529 - The Siege of Vienna begins as Suleiman I begins his attack on the city.

1642 - First commencement exercises occur at Harvard College.

1779 - American Revolution; USS Bonhomme Richard, commanded by John Paul Jones, wins a fight against the British ships of war Serapis and Countess of Scarborough off the coast of England.

1780 - American Revolution; British Major John Andre arrested as a spy by American soldiers exposing Benedict Arnold's treason.

1803 - Second Anglo-Maratha War: Battle of Assaye

1806 - Lewis and Clark return, after exploring the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

1818 - Border demarcation markers for Moresnet formally installed.

1845 - The Knickerbockers Baseball Club, the first baseball team to play under the modern rules, is founded in New York.

1846 - Discovery of Neptune by French astronomer Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier and British astronomer John Couch Adams; verified by German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle

1868 - Grito de Lares (Lares Revolt) occurs in Puerto Rico against Spanish rule.

1875 - William Bonney ("Billy the Kid") is arrested for the first time.


1884 - Herman Hollerith patents his mechanical tabulating machine.

1905 - Norway and Sweden sign the "Karlstad treaty", officially ending the Union between the two countries peacfully.

1912 - First Mack Sennett "Keystone Comedy" is released.

1922 - Gdynia Seaport Construction Act passed by the Polish parliament.

1932 - The Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd is renamed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1941 - The first gas experiments are conducted at Auschwitz.

1952 - Rocky Marciano knocked Jersey Joe Walcott out in the thirteenth round, becoming the new Heavyweight Champion.

1952 - Richard Nixon makes his "Checkers speech".

1957 - Hank Aaron of the MLB gives the Milwaukee Braves the pennant with a home run.

1962 - The Jetsons aired for the first time.

1962 - Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City opens with the first building completed, Philharmonic Hall, now Avery Fisher Hall home of the New York Philharmonic.

1969 - The Chicago 8 trial opens in Chicago, Illinois

1973 - Juan Perón returns to power in Argentina.


1980 - Bob Marley's last concert

1980 - The premiere of Brian Friel's play Translations in Derry, Northern Ireland.

1981 - Jack Henry Abbott, best-selling author, is arrested for murder.

1983 - Saint Kitts and Nevis joins the United Nations.

1983 - Gerrie Coetzee of South Africa becomes the first African boxing world heavyweight champion.

1999 - NASA announces that it lost contact with the Mars Climate Orbiter.

2002 - Mozilla Firefox (Phoenix) web browser is born: version 0.1.

2004 - At least 1,070 in Haiti reported killed by floods due to Hurricane Jeanne.

2005 - FBI killing of Filiberto Ojeda on Plan Bonito Hormigueros, Puerto Rico.


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