What happened on September 23 ?

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Astrology: Usually the first day of sun sign Libra in the tropical zodiac.

In ancient Latvia, the second day of Mikeli

RC Saints - Feast day of Saint Adomnan of Iona, Saint Constantius, Saint Thecla.

Also see September 23 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

Traditional New Year's Day in Constantinople and Eastern Orthodox churches ? because of the birthday of August, not because of the equinox.

Celebrate Bisexuality Day - September 23rd of every year is designated as Celebrate Bisexuality Day and celebrated by members of the bisexual community and their allies worldwide. Observed annually since 1999.

Japanese Autumnal equinox Day (????/Sh?bun no hi)

Saudi Arabia - National Day (unification 1932)

French Republican Calendar - Safran (Saffron) Day, second day in the Month of Vendémiaire



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